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V-Drums TD-11KV

Posted in V-Drums, VST Instruments and EQ's, VSTi Presets with tags , , on March 30, 2014 by The Buddha Rats

I purchased a TD-11KV. It’s a good kit to get for apartment dwellers (it’s super quiet) and for tracking with vst’s (I would never gig with this kit or any e-kit… you want the real deal for that). I’ve been able to get a good response using the V-Drums with AD, Kontakt and EZ Drummer. I will post my settings below for those in need of help getting a decent feel from the pads.

These Sensitivity and Threshold settings worked well when triggering the Roland TD-11 KV kits:

Kick: 7, 3
Snare: 4, 4
Hats: 9, 5
Toms: 5, 2
Crash A: 6, 3
Ride: 6, 3
Crash B (Alesis Pad): 7,3

Settings for the Drumdrops Premier kit and Analogue Drums Monotown kit in Kontakt:

Kick: 4, 3
Snare: 4, 4
Hats: 6, 5
Toms: 4, 2
Crash A & B: 6,2
Ride: 6, 2

I got really fine results with EZ Drummer and Addictive Drums using these settings:

Kick: 7, 3
Snare: 7, 4
Hats: 14, 5
Toms: 8, 2
Crash A & B: 12,2
Ride: 12, 2

Happy playing,



Old Tape Drums – Free From Wavesfactory!

Posted in Plug Ins, VST Instruments and EQ's with tags on January 20, 2014 by The Buddha Rats

Wavesfactory has just released Old Tape Drums. This is a Kontakt sample set with acoustic drum samples processed with a mono cassette recorder. It’s definitely lo-fi in the very best way.

Wavesfactory has this to say about their cool kit:

Old Tape Drums is a sample library for Kontakt featuring a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit recorded with a mono lo-fi cassette tape recorder. It has a lofi vibe to it, but without sacrificing dynamics. Don’t expect a clean sound, it’s the opposite.

Old Tape Drums is available for free download via Wavesfactory (335 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 2 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt).

Please note that you’ll need to join Wavesfactory on Facebook in order to get the freebie drum samples. You can also skip the Facebook middleman and send an email to Wavesfactory to get the download link.

The Old Tape Drums sample library features 6 velocity layers and 6 round robin layers per articulation. The included samples come from a Ludwig Vistalite acoustic drum kit which was recorded with a lo-fi tape recorder. A Lite version of the kit which is provided inside the download pack, and the full version of NI Kontakt is absolutely required in order to play this virtual instrument.

If I Had To Choose only 5

Posted in Gear, Plug Ins, VST Instruments and EQ's on March 25, 2012 by The Buddha Rats

I posted this in the Reaper Forum responding to someone’s post asking which plug ins would we choose if we had to use only 5. I separated the eq/comp plugs from instruments, so I’ll list 5 and 5.

1. TG Mastering Pack (everything I need in an eq)
2. Breeze Reverb (the best and most CPU friendly around)
3. Nomad Factory LM-662 compressor (it doesn’t sound like a Fairchild, but I like it)
4. Waves Kramer MPX tape sim
5. Ozone (great for the final spit and polishing)

1. G10 Goya Nylon Guitar (from 1964, not those crappy Martin-built Goyas)
2. Martin HD-28V (there’s no finer steel string)
3. Piano in Blue sample set (Kontakt based, and great sounding)
4. Addictive Drums (any type if kit you could ever want can be made. Get the Indie Kit- it’s amazing)
5. Fender Jazz Bass (because you gotta have some bottom end holding all together)

It was tough to choose on the instrument side of things. I would definitely miss having my electric guitars, but I’ve got my lead guitarist to lean on for that.

What would you choose?



Posted in Gear, VST Instruments and EQ's with tags , on January 1, 2011 by The Buddha Rats

I’ve been searching for a quality tape sim for years now. I started using Cakewalk’s Tape Sim (still an excellent freebie), then I moved onto Ferox’s plug, and now I believe I’ve finally found the sound.

Magnetic is another offering by Nomad Factory. They bill it as a “Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warmer”.  I’ve never owned a reel to reel, so I can’t speak to whether or not it sounds anything like a vintage tape machine, but when placed on my master buss it makes every track sound warmer and fuller. The sound is kind of like combining PSP’s Vintage Warmer or Old Timer with Ferox’s tape plug.  Here’s what NF’s website says about it:

MAGNETIC can be used in many different musical ways. Try using it on individual tracks to add subtle warmth and tape color to your drums or use it to create a filtered cassette AM-radio effect on a vocal. But that’s not all… when used on the master bus, MAGNETIC can warm your entire mix and “boost” it up to broadcast level. It’s just like having a 30+ year old reel-to-reel tape machine at your fingertips, without all the maintenance costs.

You can’t get it for $49 anymore, but you can still get it here.

Abbey Road

Posted in VST Instruments and EQ's with tags , , , , on February 1, 2010 by The Buddha Rats

Abbey Road plug-ins emulate the hardware used to EQ and enhance just about every Beatles album, and countless other recordings done at EMI in the 1960’s and 1970’s. If you are a fan of music, then you know the sound, and I can’t say enough great things about these vst plug-ins.


This bundle contains all three of our plug-in products: the Brilliance Pack, TG Mastering Pack and TG12413 Limiter – in native or TDM formats for $699 and $999 respectively. The native bundle provides them in RTAS, AU and VST formats. The TDM Bundle provides them in TDM/RTAS formats.

The Brilliance Pack provides authentic emulations of the EMI RS127 and RS135 EQ units, which were built in the early 1960s to supplement the EQ on the legendary REDD mixing consoles. These ‘presence boxes’ were used on countless seminal recordings at Abbey Road during the ’60s, including almost every album by The Beatles.

The TG Mastering Pack provides authentic emulations of EQ and filter modules from the original EMI TG12410 transfer console. These consoles were custom-built for EMI’s studios and have been the centrepiece of Abbey Road’s mastering rooms for more than 30 years.
The TG12413 plug-in is an authentic emulation of the compressor / limiter from the legendary EMI TG12345 mixing console, which was used on many classic recordings such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The TG12345 consoles were custom-built for EMI’s studios and were never sold commercially.

For more information on the individual plug-ins included in the bundles, please visit their product pages.

Terms of plug-in bundle:

– The bundle license is delivered automatically to the ilok account specified when an order is placed.
– The TDM Bundle is priced at $999 and the Native Bundle is priced at $699.

– The individual licenses supplied in the bundle are bound together. They cannot be separated from the bundle by the user.
– All bundle sales are final. No refunds can be given after delivery of the full product licenses, so please test compatibility with your system first using our free 10-day trials.
– The TDM bundle provides TG12413 Limiter, TG Mastering Pack and Brilliance Pack plug-ins in TDM/RTAS formats only.
– The Native bundle provides TG12413 Limiter, TG Mastering Pack and Brilliance Pack plug-ins in native formats only (RTAS, Audio Unit and VST).
– Native and TDM bundles also provide the TG12413 Limiter and TG Mastering Pack in AudioSuite format for offline processing in Pro Tools.

System Requirements

Pro Tools HD/LE/M-Powered or any AU/VST host

Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista

iLok Smart Key and account

The Mellotron

Posted in VST Instruments and EQ's with tags , on December 31, 2009 by The Buddha Rats

In a nutshell, it was a sampler built and used in the 1960’s. If you’ve ever played around with one, you know they are a lot of fun. John Lennon is quoted as saying “I must have one of these” after just five minutes playing a Mellotron.

Here’s something I tracked back in 2003 using Gmedia’s M-Tron. It’s called “Welcome to Slaggers”:

Have a great New Year!


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Recording Vocals

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ADT, or Automated Double Tracking

The Beatles laid down some great vocal performances. They were well sung & well recorded. They had a certain fullness to them, and that’s because they were (for the most part) Double Tracked. Initially, they recorded a second vocal track to go along with the lead track. Later in their career, Lennon wanted to shorten the process.

Ken Townshend, a recording engineer at Abbey Road, came up with Automatic Double Tracking (ADT)  in 1966. ADT involves making a copy of the original vocal pass on another tape recorder (the second track’s playback speed is altered to create the effect). Both recordings are then blended and mixed back into the final recording to fatten up the sound.

Up until last year 2008 home-based musicians were forced to create the effect using digital delay, and manually time/pitch shifting a second vocal track. Thanks to the fine programming efforts of Vacuumsound you can get your vocals sounding great in no time at all. Here’s what they say about their own plug:

The ADT Plug-In takes a mono input signal and creates a stereo output. The original input signal will be output on one channel, the new ADT signal on the other. Blending the two is also possible. The Plug-In allows to control the delay time (10 – 50ms), Wow and Flutter (both with intensity in % and frequency). All values are based on the technical data of the tape machines that was originally used to create this effect.

The GUI is nothing fancy, but everything works as it should, and the results are fantastic. The ADT plug also sounds great on electric guitars.

I found a post yesterday by another musician-blogger curious about The Beatles’ use of ADT.  He  imported the songs into Pro Tools,  to find out the ADT delay setting the F4 used (on Revolver). It turns out the number is approximately 29.4ms.

Anyway, this ADT plug by Vacuumsound will help you get close to creating a nice natural sounding doubled vocal track. The end result isn’t as phasey as Waves “Doubler” program, and unlike Doubler, ADT is FREE, and you can download it here.


I was curious about the Beatles use of ADT (automatic double tracking) on Revolver.
Lennon loved it as it meant he no longer had to sing twice to have the double tracked sound.
On many songs, the original vocal and ADT’d vocal are mixed together “like “Taxman”.
But on some songs, like “And Your Bird Can Sing”, and “Dr. Robert”, they are panned hard left and hard right.
So I imported the songs into Pro Tools, and set upon finding out the amount of delay by running a ddl on one side.
It turns out the number is approximately 29.4ms. I can’t say exactly.
I did try to phase reverse one side and get it to cancel, but it wouldn’t.
Probably because they don’t sound exactly the same, as one has another tape generation on it.
Anyway, if you ever wondered how much delay ADT produced, now you know.

The vocal on the right side is the original, btw.