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Feeling Dry? Get Wet With Reverb!

Posted in How To's, Reverb with tags , , on January 10, 2010 by The Buddha Rats

Lets face it: Reverb (and compression) are the industrial strength glues that keep it all together. Reverb helps establish space and distance, and defines the musical soundscape & relationship between all the interacting elements in your tunes. Most if not all of the reverb plugs I use either have settings and sliders for adding headroom, and the best ones simply sound like I’m adding air into the mix.

How many types of reverbs are there? A lot:  Plates, Halls, Rooms, Chambers, Springs, and (my favorite) Convolution. Any decently powered computer (PC or MAC) can take advantage of these reverb simulators, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one that will make your music sound great.

I’ve found the best reverb plug-ins to be IK’s Classik Studio Reverb, Timeworks 4080L, Silverspike R2 (which has a lot of great sound enhancers built in), TC Electronic (their Vss3 is outstanding), and my absolute favorite LiquidSonics Reverberate LE.

BTW, if you end up using Reverberate, show your appreciation and donate what you can to his Charity of choice, which is Cancer Research (a very good cause). Here’s the link.

Before I started using Reverberate LE, plate reverb was a must on my vocal tracks and master chain. Plate reverb plugs simulate the sound of the instrument being bounced around on a metal plate. A lot of my favorite rock recordings from the 1960’s, etc.  used plate reverbs, and echo chambers to enhance the sound.

Now, the thing that I absolutely love about Convolution reverb, and the use of Impulse Responses is that this type of reverb sounds the most real. You simply have to hear it to believe it, but I guarantee that once you apply a bit of convolution reverb into your mix nothing else will do. This type of reverb takes advantage of IR’s (Impulse Responses). These IR’s are a snapshot of  a room’s reverb characteristics. Essentially you are adding the qualities of a real space into your mix, and this is the best kind of DAW reverb around.

For the best IR’s on the market today go to There are hundreds of beautifully recorded IR’s for all your needs. Stuff like:
PCM 70
(these sound gorgeous!)

These IR’s sound great. It’s like mixing air into your tracks (which I talked about earlier). Seriously, they kick ass, and a lot of time and care was put into making them available to the public.

BTW, it’s all Donationware, and you can pay what you wish, so there’s no excuse to give nothing. If you use them, send 50 cents, or a dollar, or more… whatever you can so he can feel good about releasing more IR’s to the public. I’m not affiliated with the site, and I did send him $.

As a final reminder: Unless you are going for a particular over-the-top effect, don’t use too much reverb. Too much of a good thing will make your tracks sound muddy and unprofessional. You only want to add enough to unflatten your final mix.

Have fun.