Hailing from New York City, The Buddha Rats barely busted down the glass doors of the pop-rock scene in 2000 with their debut album Growing Up and Other Vices. Their second album, Rocket Carousel, sold even less in less time. The band’s latest offering, Chelsea Dear, mixes Drew’s subtle melodies, offbeat chord structures and solid rhythm work with Mitch’s blazing guitar work to deliver a solid body of songs destined to be sung in someone else’s shower. With standout tracks like How Long?, Sticks and Stones and Big Poppa, The Buddha Rats’ music appeals to animals and music fans alike.

Here’s a list of gear we like to use:


  1. Italia Rimini 6
  2. Peerless Songbird (Casino copy w/Curtis Novak pickups)
  3. Fender Jazzmaster (MIJ) w/Curtis Novak pickups
  4. Martin HD28V
  5. Goya G-10
  6. Goya F-11
  7. Goya M22
  8. Danelectro Convertible
  9. Fender Jazzbass
  10. Yamaha Red Label 12 string acoustic
  11. Martin 00-16C


  1. 1990 Tama Rockstar Trap Kit
  2. 13″ Ludwig Piccolo Snare, 15″ Tama Chrome snare
  3. Zildjian A 20″ Crash Ride
  4. Zildjian K/Z 14″ hi-hats
  5. Zildjian A 16″ Crash
  6. Zildjian K 14″ Dark Crash

VST Instruments:

  1. Piano In Blue
  2. Vintaudio Vintage Upright Collection (1908 Clinton, 1930’s Steinway)
  3. Braunschweig Upright Piano
  4. Hollow Sun’s Novachord
  5. Dulcitone
  6. Redtron 400
  7. Redtron MKV
  8. Analogue Drums Monotown Kit
  9. Addictive Drums
  10. DrumDrops 1963 Premier Kit

VST Plug-ins:

  1. Waves MPX Tape Sim
  2. Waves REDD
  3. Waves J37
  4. Satson Console
  5. Waves NLS
  6. Nomad Factory Analog Mastering Suite
  7. Abbey Road TG Mastering Pack
  8. ADT by Vacuumsound
  9. Jimi Hendrix Amplitube
  10. Breeze Reverb
  11. IK Classik Reverbs
  12. PSP Vintage Warmer 2
  13. Terry West’s Vocal plugs

Recording Software:

  1. Reaper
  2. Cubase Studio 4


  1. Drumkat DK10
  2. Roland EP-7II


  1. Alesis M1 Active Mk2


Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 64bit OS, multiple internal & external hard drives, Echo Audiofire 4 soundcard, 21″ monitor

The Buddha Rats ® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.


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