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I’m Back.

Posted in Uncategorized on October 30, 2016 by The Buddha Rats

I put all my instruments down in 2014 and barely played a C chord since. I had enough and it was time to stop. I couldn’t even listen to it.

Cut to 2016, and my kid got her first proper acoustic guitar. I love the sound of nylon strings and a spruce top. I tuned the guitar to D A D G D F# and off she went, strumming away like she didn’t give a damn about anything. No Hilary. No Trump. Just a girl and a guitar.

It was inspiring to see her play  and I hadn’t thought about making music in a long, long time. My girl didn’t ask me to play with her, but the stuff she was playing on instinct was really good. It got me thinking… So now I’m back playing again.

Funny, innit?

Happy Halloween,

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xo-The Buddha Rats

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