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Dave Weir and Weir Guitars

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If you think you can’t afford what amounts to an American made custom shop guitar built to your specs, you’re dead wrong. I’m waiting on a custom guitar from Dave Weir (of Weir guitars). I really have to spread the love around for this guy. Dave’s a builder out of Escondido California and everything he sells is handmade, except for the pickups he uses. His care and consideration throughout the entire configuration process are top shelf. Just keep in mind that Dave thinks outside the box a bit. He doesn’t clone Fender or Gibson guitars like some others. He only makes one guitar with variations on his guitar template which he calls the “Poorboy”.

Here’s what Dave built for me (he calls it Poorboy #28):

  • Ipe (pronounced eee-pay) 1-piece neck and fretboard with no trussrod (Ipe is 70% stiffer than Sugar Maple and the wood is so dense with a super low moisture content that it will basically never bend, etc
  • African Mahogany solid piece body with a dark non-cereal varnish/”French” finish (I love the nod to Christmas Vacation there). The finish goes from copper to red to brown with black striations depending on how the light hits it. I noticed two inconsistencies on the finish but I’m really splitting hairs here- it’s a beautiful guitar
  • Nickel-silver side dots at 3,5,7,9 and 12 with nothing on the face
  • 1 GFS Minitron. Dave used a “Nashville” bridge pickup (it’s brighter than a standard neck pup)
  • Gig bag included
  • The frets are Stewmac 0141 Medium High .095″x.045
  • The bridge and tail piece are aluminum. No volume or tone controls. The output jack is wired straight to the pickup.

This Poorboy #28 can play nice, and it also has an aggressive growl to it.I like mini-buckers but this GFS pickup has a bit too much sizzle and I will most likely send it to Curtis Novak for a rewire. While a better quality pickup would benefit the guitar, I can honestly say that I’ve never played a guitar that has a better neck than this Poorboy #28 and it is every bit as sweet as my ’59 Gibson. Thick like a bat and easy to play. Flawless fretwork.

Any guitar player would be very hard-pressed to find a better guitar for the money (see cost below). If you are looking for something a bit different to round out your sound you owe it to yourself to check out Weir guitars.

Total price: $460.00 + shipping and I’m assuming price is subject to change at some point. Dave Weir also has a a life-of-maker buy back policy. If anything ever goes wrong or you don’t like it or your wife says you have too many guitars he will buy it back at the purchase price!!!

You can reach Dave Weir through his Etsy site (tell him The Buddha Rats sent you):…eader-shopname

 Poorboy #28 African Mahogany with Ipe neck