V-Drums TD-11KV

I purchased a TD-11KV. It’s a good kit to get for apartment dwellers (it’s super quiet) and for tracking with vst’s (I would never gig with this kit or any e-kit… you want the real deal for that). I’ve been able to get a good response using the V-Drums with AD, Kontakt and EZ Drummer. I will post my settings below for those in need of help getting a decent feel from the pads.

These Sensitivity and Threshold settings worked well when triggering the Roland TD-11 KV kits:

Kick: 7, 3
Snare: 4, 4
Hats: 9, 5
Toms: 5, 2
Crash A: 6, 3
Ride: 6, 3
Crash B (Alesis Pad): 7,3

Settings for the Drumdrops Premier kit and Analogue Drums Monotown kit in Kontakt:

Kick: 4, 3
Snare: 4, 4
Hats: 6, 5
Toms: 4, 2
Crash A & B: 6,2
Ride: 6, 2

I got really fine results with EZ Drummer and Addictive Drums using these settings:

Kick: 7, 3
Snare: 7, 4
Hats: 14, 5
Toms: 8, 2
Crash A & B: 12,2
Ride: 12, 2

Happy playing,



One Response to “V-Drums TD-11KV”

  1. Good post. I’m pretty much an old school blues rocker and recently tracked in my home studio with a TK15KVS. The drummer & I were very impressed. Two years ago I would have said go jump in the lake. Now I’m a believer. I sent a mix less the drums to the drummer who monitored from a kit in the brain and sent me the midi data to trigger SSD4…mostly…some Addictive Drums. Worked great!

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