Old Tape Drums – Free From Wavesfactory!

Wavesfactory has just released Old Tape Drums. This is a Kontakt sample set with acoustic drum samples processed with a mono cassette recorder. It’s definitely lo-fi in the very best way.

Wavesfactory has this to say about their cool kit:

Old Tape Drums is a sample library for Kontakt featuring a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit recorded with a mono lo-fi cassette tape recorder. It has a lofi vibe to it, but without sacrificing dynamics. Don’t expect a clean sound, it’s the opposite.

Old Tape Drums is available for free download via Wavesfactory (335 MB download size, RAR archive, contains 2 instrument patches in NKI format for NI Kontakt).

Please note that you’ll need to join Wavesfactory on Facebook in order to get the freebie drum samples. You can also skip the Facebook middleman and send an email to Wavesfactory to get the download link.

The Old Tape Drums sample library features 6 velocity layers and 6 round robin layers per articulation. The included samples come from a Ludwig Vistalite acoustic drum kit which was recorded with a lo-fi tape recorder. A Lite version of the kit which is provided inside the download pack, and the full version of NI Kontakt is absolutely required in order to play this virtual instrument.


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