TG Mastering Pack Presets

I’ve been meaning to make these presets available for a long time. They are so f’ing awesome and I should charge for the download, but then I said to myself, I said: “Self… you should give these away”.

And then I did. So here is what you get in this bundle of awesomeness:

  1. Acoustic Guitar 1
  2. Acoustic Guitar 2
  3. Acoustic Piano 1
  4. Acoustic Piano 2
  5. B3 Organ Warmer
  6. Drum Overhead 1
  7. Drum Overhead 2
  8. Drum Overhead 3
  9. Drum Overhead 4
  10. Electric Bass 1
  11. Electric Bass 2
  12. Electric Bass 3
  13. Hi Shelf Brightness
  14. Lo Shelf Boost
  15. Master Mix 1
  16. Master Mix 2
  17. Master Mix 3
  18. Master Mix 4
  19. Percussion Claves
  20. Rhodes 1
  21. Rhodes 2
  22. Vox Backing 1
  23. Vox Backing 2
  24. Vox Female
  25. Vox Male

Grab them all here then send me an email and thank me at

One more thing- do not re-distribute or sell these presets. And don’t be an a**hole by uploading these to some shite pirate/torrent site.

Peace and Music,

The Buddha Rats


3 Responses to “TG Mastering Pack Presets”

  1. Awesome presets ,thanks greetings from Brazil.

  2. Thanks – just starting to experiment with TG Mastering. How do you load these presets? When I click add I am only given the option to name a create a new preset, not load a .fxp file.

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