Lou Reed, RIP.

Truly one of the all-time greats has left the building today. Lou Reed was an amazing musician. His work with the Velvets gave the world a roadmap on how to create gritty, cool rock and roll. Sometimes noisey, sometimes quiet… always beautiful to hear. I never thought he would make it to the age of 71. I’m sure he didn’t either.

I first met him when I was 9 or 10 years old on the set of One Trick Pony. My dad was the camera operator. Lou was on set playing a douchebag label engineer. Even then I knew who he was because his music was always being played in my home. Nobody could ever find the guy on set when it was time for his scenes because he was always shooting up in the bathrooms! There’s another story of him stealing all the prop-mans liquor and when he was confronted by the crew, Lou told them he knows karate (I think Sylvia taught him a move or two) and would kick their asses. They got their liquor back.

I met him again in 1989 at Brooklyn Academy of Music. They say never meet your heroes and it’s true of my experience with Lou, but hey- how friendly do you think someone is going to be when they are separating from their spouse and you basically walk in on them arguing for a handshake?

Bottom line- he was a gifted guitarist, and wrote some fantastic songs. You will hard pressed to find a better three chord rock tune than Sweet Jane. Love ya Lou. Stay cool.


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