Rant Of The Day: Learn To Play

Learn to play. Music has got nothing to do with mic placement, or an over-priced $2500 Epiphone guitar from China, or a $3K mic. “Louie Louie” sounds like shit (and so does Surfing Bird), but it’s got heart and it was done live with one mic probably in one take. If you’re young and haven’t heard it, Google it.

People: Learn your craft. If you aren’t, then all you are doing is contributing to everything that is wrong with modern day music. Stop time-shifting everything to death and learn to play those damn drums. Forget about Autotune and learn how to fu*king sing on time and in key.

Music should be played. It doesn’t matter if you are using vsti’s- play the damn thing like it was a real instrument. If you are one of “those” people who are step-sequencing everything then guess what? You’re not a musician, you’re a programmer.

And you’re fired.


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