Memphis Slapback Vocal Delay

MemphisI went looking for a simple slapback delay plug awhile back and found Memphis. I know there are other plugs around that are more versatile, and are coded for 64bit, but this little plug does the job very well.

It was designed by a company called Kubtos that no longer exists, so you will have problems finding it. But then that’s why I’m The Man and providing a link to it here free of charge.

Publisher’s description:

Memphis is simple a fixed delay locked in at 115 milliseconds. Why fixed and why 115 miliseconds? Well Memphis is designed to be a quick way to get a rockabilly sound. Ya, know the slap back of early Elvis. Back then Ampex tape machines were really all there was to record. The echo was created by the use of the record and playback head which just happened to be 1.5″ apart. The tape moved at 15 inches per second so it took the tape about, you guessed it, 115 millisecond to travel between the heads. Many of those songs sync up nice to the 115 milliseconds and they did not even have a sync to host button or even a host for that matter. It sounds pretty good on vocals of any type. The color scheme was a adopted form the Sun record label in Memphis.


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