Has Technology Destroyed Music?

This is a cool post on GS. It really got me thinking, because while I use a DAW to track all my stuff, the music I like and like to make has always been acoustic, electric, and organic. I’m never 100% ITB, since I play several instruments and also take advantage of vst technology.

Anyway here’s my take:

“Don’t hate the technology, hate the musician.
What technology has done is made it easier for people with questionable taste and margin-able talent to make music in abundance. It’s never been cheaper, or easier to do. There are a lot of people calling themselves musicians who know absolutely nothing about song construction, much less how to play a real instrument. They can rely on loops, MIDI packs, and pre-made construction sets to write, and because it’s all laid out there in front of them, they tend not to think outside of the box they just bought.

Another thing to think about is that it’s not about making Art anymore. Yes, some people care about quality, but most don’t. They care about being famous, and/or making a lot of money. Record companies love the crap because it’s no-brainer stuff. It’s easy for the sheep of the world to digest, which makes it easy to market and sell.

We’ll just have to dig a lot deeper to get to the good stuff.”


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