The consumer makes your modern music

The consumer makes your modern music. Noel Gallagher knows it. Love him, or hate him, he’s in the game, and he’s successful. Here’s what the man says:

“The rules of the game have changed. Albums are made by committee and focus groups. The consumer has become all more powerful now… the consumer is king. So, the consumer gets what he wants. But as I understand it, the consumer didn’t want f–king Jimmy Hendrix, but they got him. And it changed the world. And the consumers didn’t want ‘Sgt. Peppers‘, but they got it… and they didn’t want the Sex Pistols but they got it. And now there’s an attitude in the music business that like ‘well, let’s keep the consumer happy because that’s what makes the music business go ’round.’ And who suffers is the artist… new artists have to put up with all sorts of nonsense.”


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