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I just purchased an Italia Rimini 6, and I’m one happy guitar player!

The finish is near perfect with very few flaws- a slight overspray where the neck meets the body on the underside, and a small dot near the f-hole. Nothing anyone would ever notice if they weren’t an inch from the guitar, and certainly nothing I would send the guitar back for. Especially when you consider how it sounds and plays. It’s unbelievable! I unpacked it, plugged it into my Fender Champ, and started playing. LOUD. Someone from the street screamed up at me and told me to keep playing.

I’ve never played a short scale neck’d guitar, and I’ve never owned a guitar with mini humbuckers. It’s definitely a great rhythm guitar, which suits me fine because I don’t play lead. The neck feels fantastic, not too small, not too thick. The frets were perfectly dressed, and made barre chords easy to play. Here are the specs from Pro Guitar Shop’s website:

Italia Rimini 6

Reminiscent of a classic American design, the Italia Rimini brings a more unique aesthetic and modern functionality to the table. The Italia Rimini 6 is the culmination of these features that keeps the Italia retro styling while providing tone that’s both vintage and modern. Featuring a chambered Agathis body and Ash back with a set hard rock Maple neck, the Italia Rimini 6 yields long sustaining, resonant tone that’s dynamic, lively, and laden with harmonics. The Italia Rimini 6 features Wilkinson WMH mini humbuckers to provide a classic tone that will go from vintage to modern and back again in the right hands. Italia modernizes the classic electric guitar with a 12 radius and space-age controls in the Rimini 6.

Italia Rimini 6 Features:

  • Chambered Agathis Body
  • Ash Back
  • Set Hard Rock Maple Neck
  • Medium Jumbo Frets
  • 25 Scale
  • 12 Radius
  • Wilkinson WMH Mini Humbuckers
  • TOM Bridge w/Italia Trapeze Tailpiece

I think this is a keeper, and if you ever get a chance to play one, I think you will be very impressed with how much guitar you can get for under $700.

Here’s a link to a YouTube spotlight on it.


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