If I Had To Choose only 5

I posted this in the Reaper Forum responding to someone’s post asking which plug ins would we choose if we had to use only 5. I separated the eq/comp plugs from instruments, so I’ll list 5 and 5.

1. TG Mastering Pack (everything I need in an eq)
2. Breeze Reverb (the best and most CPU friendly around)
3. Nomad Factory LM-662 compressor (it doesn’t sound like a Fairchild, but I like it)
4. Waves Kramer MPX tape sim
5. Ozone (great for the final spit and polishing)

1. G10 Goya Nylon Guitar (from 1964, not those crappy Martin-built Goyas)
2. Martin HD-28V (there’s no finer steel string)
3. Piano in Blue sample set (Kontakt based, and great sounding)
4. Addictive Drums (any type if kit you could ever want can be made. Get the Indie Kit- it’s amazing)
5. Fender Jazz Bass (because you gotta have some bottom end holding all together)

It was tough to choose on the instrument side of things. I would definitely miss having my electric guitars, but I’ve got my lead guitarist to lean on for that.

What would you choose?



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