On Heavy Rotation: Marquee Moon

I love this album. I wasn’t old enough to get into the band when they were around, but that’s the great thing about recorded music: It lasts forever, there to be discovered. I don’t care what’s been written about their music- it’s not punk, and it’s better than the typical bands labeled New Wave.

Oh yea, the drummer Billy Ficca was a regular at my old bar, and he is a really nice guy. We would sit and talk about drums, music, and red wine. If you listen to this album, dig what he’s playing. It’s not your typical 4/4 rock and roll stuff. He’s got really good chops, and he’s still playing for the song, not himself. His fills are wicked, small bursts of weird/odd fills that pepper his playing.

And yea, the guitars are cool too. 😉


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