How are you panning your tracks?

How are you panning your tracks? This is a fairly simple question, and one that is worth asking.

I grew with my Dad playing  a lot of albums from the 60’s, and I still love that sound. I’ve been thinking a lot about panning lately, and I think it’s an essential mixing tool.

Here are some combinations that can give your songs an interesting vibe:

  1. Bass left, drums center, vocals hard right or left, rhythm guitar right, lead guitar center.
  2. All rhythm instruments left, Vocals, leads, etc. right.
  3. Bass, drums, guitar hard panned left. Guitar, piano, percussion hard panned right. Vocals sent to center.

You see that you can take a conservative approach to panning, or take a chance and try something bizarre. You’ll also know right away if what you’re doing work for the tune, and it just might help your mix.



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