The Buddha Rats® Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Drumkit Presets

Here they are, as promised: The Buddha Rats® Addictive Drums Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Presets! The Buddha Rats® are kicking off the new year with a set of 24 excellent Hard Rock and Metal drum presets for Addictive Drums. No trap kits in sight, just big thumping loud f’ing drums for real men and women who worship at the Altar of Rock.

All of the presets were made using a combination of the existing AD kits available , but not the Electronic Ad Pak, or Jazz Paks. Some of you might think there are limitations to what can be done preset-wise since the XLN samples were not specifically mic’d or recorded for Metal. I personally think the issue goes away with simple EQ and compression.

AD presets are still FREE, so all you have to do is click the link below to get your hands on the following kits:

  • Aggressive Click
  • All I Wanted Was A Pepsi
  • Ball Buster Hall kit
  • Blood Sugar
  • Boot to the Head
  • Garage Slop Kit
  • God of Thunder
  • Heavy Box
  • Heavy Copper Kit
  • Heavy Rock
  • Lefty Woofer
  • Ludwig Thrash Kit
  • Metal Kit 1
  • Metal Kit 2
  • Metal Kit 2 B
  • Metal Kit 3
  • Metal Madness
  • Metalhead Kit
  • Metalicious Deep
  • RockBox
  • Smacked Yo Face
  • Sonor Metal Kit
  • Vistalite Bomb Squad
  • Warehouse Stomp

Get your presets here.

If you like and use the presets, please consider giving a donation (anything is appreciated no matter how small or large). It will all go back into my  blog and FTP site to keep them up and running, and keep the content coming.


These presets are 100% FREE. Use them for your music, but do NOT sell, bundle, or repackage them with software, magazines, Cd’s, DVDs, or post them to your own blogs or websites, etc. without my written permission.

The Buddha Rats ® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.


4 Responses to “The Buddha Rats® Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Drumkit Presets”

  1. Hey, this looks totally awesome, but the download link has reached it’s capacity. I’m in the middle of producing an album using addictive drums, and these presets look like they’re just what I need to help out. Is there any way I could get an alternate download link, or something of the sort? I’d be happy to make a donation for your time. 🙂 Please email me at


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