Reaper Video Tuorials

I’m home sick like a dog today, so I figured I’d sleep, and take the time to learn more about my DAW.

I use Reaper, and if you haven’t checked the program out I recommend it highly.  It’s got fantastic routing features, is very stable, updated regularly by the developers (can’t say that for Cubase can you?). In fact, if I were a rich and famous musician I’d endorse it. But you don’t have to be rich to get yourself a copy. There’s a sliding pay scale for professionals as well as home users, so don’t be a douchebag and use a cracked copy- just buy the damn thing.

I found these great tutorials aptly titled I’ve already walked away knowing a lot more than I did, and each video is only about 8 minutes long. I won’t post any of them to my blog- you should check them out on the OP’s site. Here’s the vid list:

  1. Reason Rewired to Reaper
  2. Addictive Drums– Recording multichannel audio and live audio via input (this is great, cause you don’t have to record MIDI first. You can record straight to either stereo or mono wav files).
  3. Mixing and Bounce Help – Envelopes, Drawing Automations,  Normalizing, Manual Leveling, Volume and Pan, Render Ready For CD.
  4. Midi Routing – Kontakt 4, Route Midi to VSTi and Back to Separate Audio Tracks, Render Each Instrument Properly.
  5. Drums as Click – GTG Synth Drums, Midi Drums as Click, Basic Beat Creation.
  6. Live/Multi-track Recording or Mixing – Full Band Recording, Multi-Tracking, Live Sound, Record Your Show.
  7. Take System Basics – Record Selected Area, Audio Compilation, Vocal Compilation.
  8. Split/Slip Editing – Edit Drums Manual, Faster then Pro Tools, Better then Beat Detective, Gofer KeyMap, SWS Extensions.
  9. FX Menus and Simple Sends Routing – Quick Add FX, AcmeBarGig, Density MKII,  FX Chains.
  10. Audio Import, Track Organization – Large Audio import, Track Organization With Folders, Color Code Groups.
  11. Elastic Audio in Reaper – Stretch audio, Warp Audio Like Pro Tools, Sync Vocals, Align Audio.
  12. File Structure – Organize Audio, Setup Back-up Folders, Session Directory,
  13. Customize Menus – Basics of menu alterations, Export/Import, TCP, Mixer.
  14. Changing Reapers Theme – Download, Extract, Menu Options, Forums.
  15. Audio Interface with Asio4All – Latency, Monitoring, Buffer Settings.
  16. Basic Overview – Save Session, Default Setup, Record Audio, Simple Effects.




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