Dec. 8th

What a day.

It started at 3:40 am. I just couldn’t sleep. There was the same ol’ crap on the teevee, and nothing new on the www.  I stared at the ceiling for awhile, checked in on The Kid, and I finally, finally got back to sleep.

When I woke up I put on the news. It was all about Lennon. Of course… it was The Anniversary, and 30 years is a long time. A lifetime. I was a little kid when he was killed, but it hit home hard. It made me think about where I had been in my short life, and where I was going. And it still makes me sad in a way, even though I never knew the guy, and what I do know about him now that I’m a man and a parent, I don’t really care for.

But what an Artist! The best around. Him and Paul.

I didn’t listen to any music today, and I didn’t talk much either. I did think, quite morbidly,  about the fact that if Lennon had lived he would have become (after a long string of terrible 80’s albums)  as spent as Paul creatively. He definitely would have divorced her, and would be living well and happy in England making guest appearances on Jools Holland, or an Oasis album. Then there would be The Reunion, whether or not George was alive, because even Zep toured without JPJ.

But in the end, I get pissed off. We were all robbed because he was the one motherf**ker who could put it all out on parade, all out on the line no matter how mis-guided or mis-informed. He meant everything he said, and played. He lived it like he talked it, and there’s no one out there willing to do that these days.

It’s a pity.


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