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Diego Stocco: Bassoforte

Posted in Gear with tags , , on August 13, 2010 by The Buddha Rats

Here’s a link to an unbelievably cool homemade instrument by Diego Stocco. It combines an old piano’s keyboard with pickups and an electric bass neck. Tom Waits would *love* this thing.

Here’s the link.


Songwriting Strategies

Posted in Creative Tools on August 1, 2010 by The Buddha Rats

Rikky Rooksby wrote this book called “How to Write to Songs On Guitar“, and there’s some pretty cool food for thought on how to approach writing:

  1. Compose away from your instrument You won’t fall back on familiar patterns, and will force you to shape the music in your mind before you pick up your instrument to flesh it out.
  2. Write on a different instrument than you’re used to If you only play guitar, sit down at a keyboard. Keep it simple. Broad strokes.
  3. Take a song you like and keep the basic structure Eliminate the chords, but keep the form, tempo and length.
  4. Choose some limits This could be a key, tempo, time signature, a theme or a style. For example:
  • Keep your tune under 2 minutes.
  • Start with the chorus as the intro.
  • Write the verse in A, and the chorus in F.
  • Start in 4/4 then switch to 6/8.

You get the idea.

Happy writing.