Weekly Presets Compilation Page

Who loves you? The Buddha Rats®, ‘dats who. As promised, here are all the Weekly’s on one convenient page and download link. This is what’s available so far:

  1. TBR_84 BBoy kit
  2. TBR_Bag it Up
  3. TBR_Blue Rawk
  4. TBR_Heavy Pants
  5. TBR_Jane’s Kit
  6. TBR_Joey C
  7. TBR_Ludwig Funk
  8. TBR_LudwigSonar Kit
  9. TBR_Moses
  10. TBR_New Beat Steely
  11. TBR_Pewterschmidttkicker Kit
  12. TBR_Piccolo Funk
  13. TBR_Police Kit
  14. TBR_Roomy Tama
  15. TBR_Sharrack
  16. TBR_Slappy Feet
  17. TBR_Squib Cakes
  18. TBR_Sunrise Kit
  19. TBR_Superdrag
  20. TBR_Tom Tom Club
  21. TBR_Vistalite Bomb
  22. TBR_Ziggy Kit
  23. TBR_Rockem Sockem
  24. TBR_Porno Kit
  25. TBR_Take Your Ambient
  26. TBR_Road House
  27. TBR_65 Ways to Kick It
  28. TBR_Jungle
  29. TBR_Outta Time
  30. TBR_Poppy Man
  31. TBR_The Turning
  32. TBR_The Push
  33. TBR_On My Way
  34. F4 Kits (a 5 kit collection for your Rock & Roll needs)

Get them all here.

Please Donate, pay what you wish, and be sure and stop by for more updates and downloads!


These presets are 100% FREE. Use them for your music, but do NOT sell, bundle, or repackage them with software, magazines, Cd’s, DVDs, or post them to your own blogs or websites, etc. without my written permission.

The Buddha Rats® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.


23 Responses to “Weekly Presets Compilation Page”

  1. manwithaxe Says:

    You rock! Thanks!

  2. Nathan Verschaetse Says:

    Hey, thanks for doing this! It says that the max downloads have been reached and that you need to “resend it.” Could you do that for a brotha looking for presets? 😀

  3. download is exhausted as an fyi 🙂

  4. All links fixed/reset.

  5. Is there a way to preview your kits without having to download them first?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, that’s not possible at this point in time. I would have to record each kit, play a bit on each, export the file, then upload to soundcloud, then copy all links over to wordpress. Time for that is just non existent when raising a family. 🙂
      Besides, in less than the time it took you to write me, you could have downloaded the kits and checked them out. 😉
      Best regards,

  6. hey,i want to dowload these presets but it seems that they expired or something like this.can you help me with that please?

  7. FTP site was down on Friday. Must have corrupted my files. I’ll have them back up tonight.

  8. Hi Guys! Thanks for everything u did with AD! I was tired to tune up the sounds, but in your presets i really found myself! I only have one question for you. In some presets, there are some kitpieces missing. Is it enough to install all the adpaks or do I need to download unique kitpieces for the software? Thanks for your reply!

    Best wishes from Hungary!

    • Cheers! Glad to hear from you, and I’m glad you like the presets. I originally created these for my own and I like scaled down kits, so unfortunately some pieces are missing. I think the best thing to do would be to take a look at the missing kit piece- AD should tell you which is missing. If you don’t have the exact drum, just replace it with what you have… it should still sound fine. 🙂

      Have a great New Year, and please keep in touch.

  9. the weekly presets are down? 😦

  10. Sorry to say: The weekly presets are not being hosted at this time. It costs $156 US to make them available as an unlimited download each year and times are tough. Without donations to cover FTP costs, I can’t say when I will get it back up and running. I am searching for alternate hosts.

    Thanks for your post and stopping by.

  11. manwithaxe Says:


    I would be happy to host your files on my web site http://www.agitatedstate.com. I’m in the process of doing some remodelling (on top of a dozen other things) and I could put up a page for you and your files.
    Not looking to make money off your presets (you could keep the donations). I just hate to see them evaporate like so many other thiings on the web.

    Drop me a line.


    • Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got everything up permanently on Google Drive. Going forward there’s no expiration dates to worry about, etc.. Cheers.

      • manwithaxe Says:

        No problem, I had just noticed that that Google links were broken and assumed they were down for previously stated reasons.

      • manwithaxe Says:

        Ah, it looks like I need to have a Google account and be logged into it before it works.
        Crappy error message (no fault of yours) – it could at least say that was the requirement…

  12. Great, thank you very much!

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