I hate Mike Love.

I hate Mike Love.  I just can’t stand him. I tried to listen to “Pet Sounds” this weekend, and upon hearing his crappy voice, I had to turn off the album. There is no plug in on Good God’s Earth that can make his shit voice sound good. Le_Pétomane’s farts were more musical.

Mike just plain ol’ ruined the Beach Boys, and his vocal “contribution” to “God Only Knows” is proof enough that he ruined the song and the band. Why is that? Because that nasal pricks’  voice sounds like a Kazoo. At least in the mono version his voice is buried so deep in the mix that it doesn’t offend. Why didn’t Brian erase his tracks and leave him off the album?

EDIT: I’ve been told that Love didn’t sing on “God Only Knows”, but I still think he ruined the song if only because he was sending Brian bad vibes for not sticking to the “formula”. 🙂

What’s more: Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, can take away from the fact that the no-talent son of a bitch nasal prick rode on The Beatles’ coat-tails right into the Maharishi compound with his suitcase packed with cigarettes, batteries and film which he proceeded to sell to everyone as they ran out of their own supply. Nice hippie spirit Mike. Go f**k yourself, and don’t forget to choke on your mantra.

It feels good to say this again, so I will: FUCK YOU MIKE LOVE. You’re the biggest no-talent piece of shit ever to hit The Big Time. You give all bald musicians a bad name, so why don’t you take off that hat, and let it shine, you has-been dickhead?

I’ll leave you all with a picture of the biggest Rock and Roll douchebag of the 20th Century. This picture makes any photo taken of  Mick Jagger in the 1980’s look masculine:


One Response to “I hate Mike Love.”

  1. classicrocker415 Says:

    Hey … Mike Love ain’t THATTT bad. However, that outfit makes me think otherwise, lol.

    Anyways, I just dropped in and noticed that you link to my blog, Tight Mix! Thanks so much for doing that. However, I recently moved the blog to its own URL, so you can now find it over at: http://www.tightmixblog.com

    I hope you still find my blog interesting, and if you could update your blogroll link it would be much appreciated. Thanks again!

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