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Line6 POD Farm2

Posted in Guitar Amp Sims with tags , , on May 23, 2010 by The Buddha Rats

I was once the proud owner of the POD 2 hardware unit. I used it religiously on everything I recorded for 3 years. The thing about it that always bothered me was that I was forced to commit to a sound in order to record with it. That’s not Line6’s fault; it’s the nature of using a hardware ampsim.

Enter POD Farm2.

I demo’d this last night (there’s a 15 day demo for ilok owners), and I’m very impressed. IMHO, it’s better sounding and far more stable than Amplitube (which is my main ampsim).  BTW, I’ve used Studio Devil with Recabinet, and I’ve raved about the sound, but it got to be a bit of a burden on my CPU (with patches loading slowly, etc.)

I woke up this morning, and my Mrs.  took the dogs and the baby to the park, so I’ve had the chance to play all morning!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!

POD Farm2 reminds me of the POD I had. Most, if not all the sounds,  are there, and it’s really easy to create new sounds. Plus it’s got a great dual mode, so I can set up two different amp chains (like you would play live), and pan them left and right.

Now the really cool thing about POD Farm2 (besides the ease of use and stablility) is the ability to change the tone on the recorded wave “on the fly”. That’s just a brilliant thing because a lot of times I like to tweak the amp, eq, etc, and with the hardware POD I couldn’t do that.

The cabinets sound really good (not as good as Recabinet, but there’s a trade-off for stability), and I always thought Line6’s vibe, and tremolo sounds were the best sims around. Strangely enough it comes with a ton of Beatle, and U2 guitar presets, and very few extreme metal sounds (which is a good thing for me).  I’ve already re-created my “go-to” amps.

Yea, this thing is real cool, and a must purchase (eventually) when I get the extra $99.


What’s really cool is that Line 6 created POD Farm 2 to run as  a complete unit combining FX, mics, delays, amps, etc.. AND as individual plug ins! So, if I want just 1 amp, and a delay (without the tuner, etc.) I can set that up. What you end up with is:

  • 18 guitar amps
  • 24 guitar cabs
  • 5 bass amps
  • 5 bass cabs
  • 29 stompboxes and studio effects
  • 6 mic preamps
  • Dual Tone functionality and A/B/Y box

Check it out.