Carmine St. Guitars, NYC

I can’t believe that someone with a business (doing something they obviously love to do, and have a knack for) could be so FLAKEY!!!

December 21st, 2009 I took my Epi Casino in to Carmine Street Guitars for some modifications. I was toying with the idea of buying a new Elitist Casino, but figured that if I made the right upgrades to my Korean Epi, the guitar could be turned into a fantastic player.

I spoke to the owner/tech at the shop, Rick Kelly. He’s known primarily as a Tele & Strat man, and the work I’ve had done by him in the past was always good and his turnaround time was excellent. This time was going to be different, though.

Here’s the list of things I needed taken care of:

  1. New bone nut.
  2. New bridge with graphite saddles.
  3. Duncan Anitquity pickups to replace the stock P90’s.
  4. New (American) pots.

Rick told me that because it was so close to the New Year, he could get the work done in about 3 weeks. He also mentioned that the labor charges would be slightly higher because of the hollow body. He declined to take a deposit from me, since he had the guitar.

I called Rick the week of Jan. 8th, but the guitar wasn’t ready. I called back two weeks later- the guitar wasn’t done yet. By mid  Feb., I was told that the Antiquities hadn’t come in, and he hadn’t even started on the other repairs. I told him to find another pickup substitute, and to please get the guitar finished. He suggested Lollars. I agreed.

I called Rick on Friday March 12th. The guitar still wasn’t done! He told me “I’m swamped”, but that the guitar will be ready by the end of the following week. It became apparent to me that he simply wasn’t up to the task.

I called Rick the next day, and told him not to bother with any of the repairs, and that I would pick my guitar up on Monday.

Long story short: Rick allowed 3 months to go by and didn’t do the job he said he would complete in 3 weeks. That’s Poor Service, and is simply unacceptable. Thinking about going to Carmine Street Guitars? Don’t bother.


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