Mitch Is A Badass Guitar Player Part Deux

I love this tune. It’s an homage to Revolver era Lennon (or just shamelessly derivative), but either way you look at it, the solo by Mitch kicks ass!

We added his solo to my basic tracks back in late 2007 after a few rounds at the local bar. Mitch was playing his Custom Shop Les Paul with the Joe Walsh/Jimmy Page circuitry.

Turn It On

Written, and recorded by The Buddha Rats. Copyright 2008 Drew Gold. World Rights Reserved. Use without permission is theft and leads to physical & financial pain, so make sure you ask first.



4 Responses to “Mitch Is A Badass Guitar Player Part Deux”

  1. I admire your kind of music. Unfortunately, I’m still far away from this art, that my sounds got your convincing vintageflavour, but I will try and work hard to come close to that beatlesque sound. At your hompepage, I extract, it’s possible to come close with vst.
    I work alot with vst(i) (btw with Reaper). So I’ve got some questions to you:
    Is the drumsound of that beautiful track from “FabFour” or from “NI 60s Drums”? I got the “60s Drums”, but the loadingtime…. Btw, thanks a lot for the AD presets, very usable.

    How did you mix that metallic voicesound in “Marigold”?

    Thanks, I learned a lot from your nice homepage!

    Best regards,

    • Hi Andi- thanks for stopping by and checking out the music. Getting this type of sound out of a DAW took a lot of time, patience and practice, so hang in there and just keep working! VST’s offer musicians a lot of flexibility and getting that “vintage” sound isn’t as hard as it seems. You just have to be careful in what you buy, and how you use what you’ve got.

      The drumsound from “Turn It On” was BFD 1.5. I was never really 100% on the vst because I tended to get very lost in tweaking each and every drum instead of just playing. The Fab Four drums were used on “Marigold”. Yes, the Abbey Road Drums take a long time to load, but it’s worth the wait! the vocal track in Marigold makes use of ADT, and some retro EQ plugs I have. I was able to get it to sit deep in the mix while still being able to be heard by using Sheppi’s Spatial enhancer on the Master chain.

      Once again- thanks for stopping by, and feel free to email me if you have any more questions.


  2. Hi Drew,

    thank you for reply.
    “Sheppi’s Spatial enhancer on the Master” – this is more than a tip.

    Perfect song!
    Must be the Hofner-Bass of FabFour? You said, it’s unstable…
    Mitch is a killer-dude!

    “very lost in tweaking” – big problem! I don’t want to loose my creativity, but my songs want to sound better.

    Damn, I spend a lot of money for my booth. After that I read your vocalarticle…

    So long!

    • Hey Facets,

      No the bass is a real live bass. A Fender Jazz bass played through a preamp into the soundcard with just a little EQ. No ampsim. Glad you like Marigold. And yes, Mitch is a great guitarist. We’ve got a lot of new things coming out soon, so please come back for a listen.


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