Writer’s Block?

Every now and again I search the net for new tools that can get me through creative blocks.  I recently found this lyrics generator, and it’s geared towards writers & musicians.

It’s called The Song Lyrics Generator. Here’s what the website says about their tool:

Writer’s Block?

Rest assured, the best song writers of our time have suffered the same problem and asked themselves the same question: “Why isn’t inspiration coming to me?” What you have (and they didn’t) is access to this invaluable resource: The Song Lyrics Generator. Simply sign up for an account (it’s free!), select your preferred genre of music, answer a few questions, and presto! Your song is written. Once you have your song, either save it or share it with your friends.

There are several different song genres available: The Break-up song, Love Song, Unrequited Love Song, Song expressing nostalgia for a place, Song expressing nostalgia for a time, and Political dreams or ideals.

I tried it out, and while I would not use the generated song in it’s entirety, I was able to find a few choice sentences and phrases worth keeping.

I’ve got a couple of other creative tools that I’ll be sharing with you all in the months to come.

Now go make some music!



One Response to “Writer’s Block?”

  1. All great artists, no matter what the media, have had a block of one form or another.

    The evolving of the artist through a life-time and what will come out at the end of each morphing stage??

    Every artist has reinvented themselves so many times that their long time friends are amazed.

    This is just normal for the artist, that is why we are so very different than the real of the population.

    The life of the artist is not always an easy one.

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