Custom Reaper Theme

Hi all,

Thanks for checking back. I haven’t posted in about a week, as I’ve been busy recording with Mitch, as well as working on a custom GUI interface for my Audio program Reaper.

The tune we’re working on is an old one from 2002 called “Marigold”. It’s not complete yet (I need to get rid of the scratch track vocals), but it’s got a good vibe to it. Very lazy, like a good Summer’s day.

Now the Reaper GUI theme I’m working on is based on the color scheme and sliders from the old TG mixing desks from the 60’s. I wasn’t too concerned about scanning, and using stuff without changing it too much because I’m not profiting off of someone else’s trademarked/copyrighted work. It’s strictly for my own amusement and love of quality Old School workmanship. So don’t sue me, EMI.


I’ll leave you with a screenshot of “British Console”:


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