Elliott Smith

Elliott was a fantastic musician, cut from that great old-school Folk/Rock & Roll cloth and a time when people actually learned how to write their own songs and play their instruments well.

He was a solid guitarist with a great finger-picking style, and he was also adept at piano, bass guitar, and drums. Smith had a distinctive “thin” vocal style and used multiple tracks to create layered vocals with interesting sonic textures and lush harmonies.

It is widely accepted that Elliott was depressed, and overly fond of alcohol and drugs, but I didn’t embrace his music because of that. I just got off on the fact that he was talented. Pure and simple.

In the end, Elliott’s demons caught up with him, and he died at the young age of 34.

I rarely play or record cover tunes, but I had a lot of fun with Elliott’s tune “A Passing Feeling”. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to download it.

A Passing Feeling

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