Collaborate and Make Music with Friends Online

Are you looking to play, rehearse and record music remotely with like-minded people from around the world? With a good computer, and a high-speed internet connection you too can connect with other musicians, vocalists, songwriters, and exchange ideas all from the comfort of your Home Studio.

Online Music Collaboration means no expensive recording studio costs, or time constraints. Sure, nothing is better than hanging out and playing, writing and jamming together in a relaxing room or studio but with a little time, patience and focus it is possible to make some great long distance music. This post will explore the things you’ll need to get an Online Music Collaboration up and running.


  • By using the same software, you are ensuring cross-platform compatibility between Macs and PC’s. Any software will do (we happen to use Reaper).


  • Play in time. Always use the metronome when recording your parts.  Remember that editing, and arranging is a lot easier when it all syncs up. Trust me on this one.
  • Keep your project organized. Know where you are saving your recorded audio & MIDI files, and keep the song’s audio in its own clearly labeled folder which ties back to the project name.
  • Your friends might not have the same plug-ins as you (if they do, then ignore this entry). That means  if you’re a guitarist using an Amp Sim, or a keyboard player with the latest/greatest synth vsti, be sure to render your MIDI or audio to a new track with the sound or effect embedded.

Production values

  • Try and focus on the performances first.  “Scratch tracks” are perfectly acceptable and often times the rough takes turn out to be the keepers!
  • Crafting and perfecting the production process is different for everyone.  It’s important to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. Keep it simple, play for the song, and when in doubt, leave it out.

Sending Files

  • Set up an on-line FTP account to send your projects back and forth. I use Google Drive, because it can accommodate large files, there’s more than enough storage space to keep files available indefinitely, and a central Dropbox for all files can be created.
  • Nothing kills creativity more than opening up a project that’s been sent to you, only to discover your friend forgot to include the audio he/she recorded. Don’t forget to send your audio along with the project file.

Thanks for stopping by. If I’ve forgotten anything, feel free to post a comment. Happy music-making, and good luck getting your long-distance collaboration up and running.


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