Low Now

Mitch and I hadn’t played or recorded together in 10 years when I approached him with this song. It’s not that we had a falling out or anything, we simply lived in different states, and I was still getting my studio together.

By 2005 I was good to go again, and when Mitch came back to NY for a bit, we spent the weekend drinking, jamming and recording.

I had the basic tracks worked out with bass, drums and guitar. Mitch wisely re-recorded the rhythm git tracks in addition to adding the solo. I laid the vocal track down at 3am, and mixed it the next day. I’d probably do it a lot differently today (since I have better EQ’s and compressors) but it’s still a good tune.

Low Now

Written, and recorded by The Buddha Rats®. Copyright 2003 Drew Gold. World Rights Reserved. Use without permission is theft and leads to physical & financial pain, so make sure you ask first.

The Buddha Rats® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.


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