This is how I approach my songwriting:

I’m always sitting around with my guitar(s). I start by strumming and I don’t really try too hard to come up with anything serious at all. I’m just trying to get into a vibe or a mood that I like with a few simple chords.

If it’s working- if the chords sound good together, then I’ll try and work a vocal melody over it. I generally start to sing utter nonsense… nothing concrete, and I try to let the words out without forcing them to fit together. The lyrics don’t have to make sense right off the bat to me (I’m usually revising the words right up until I do the first vocal take). The melody comes first, and lyrics follow.

When writing I also try not to censure myself too soon. It’s all about that “left-brain vs. right brain” struggle. I don’t go over-analyzing or over scrutinizing what I’m doing right away because that’s a surefire way to get stuck.

And if I do get stuck, I pick up a songbook, or novel, or dictionary, turn to any page and start writing things down via free-association. Once I have some words down on a page I collage them together into something that makes sense to me.

Well, that’s about the long and short of how I get things done.


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