Recording Tips and Tricks Pt. 1

These are 3 important tips that will help your recordings turn out great. Yes, they are really basic, but important, and sometimes in the heat of a creative moment we tend to forget about the obvious:

1. Consider the source: Make sure that what you hear in your headphones sounds as good as it can be. You want a strong, clean signal to capture. Make sure your guitar, or bass is in tune (don’t laugh: I worked with a guitarist who wouldn’t tune up unless I reminded him). Don’t put on a new set of strings before you lay down tracks. Strings need time to stretch a bit before they settle in and stay in tune.
2. Computers will crash: Save your work often. In fact, be sure and save your work every time you finish adding a plug-in, make a splice, adjust a level, pan, etc.. You can always hit undo, but if your computer crashes and you haven’t saved, you’ll be kicking yourself in the butt.
3. Keep it all very simple: Just because your software can handle “unlimited tracks” doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it. Most songs don’t require 45 guitar layers, and 20 vocal overdubs going at the same time. Give your song and the tracks you record room to breathe. Your ears (and your listeners’ ears) will thank you.

Thanks for checking out my blog. More tips to come.


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