Mitch is a badass guitar player

Now this is old news to me, but if you haven’t heard a solo played by Mitch then you’re missing out on something good.

I first met Mitch back in ’89 through a mutual friend Dennis (more on Dee some other time). We were all a bunch of skinny/weasely teenagers, and Mitch was sitting there with his Danelectro Convertible playing Led Zep’s “Rain Song”. It sounded great. Not a stiff cover-tune carbon copy, but a real good genuine homage. Obviously Mitch was a lover of music and had really taken the time to learn how to play it all with soul.

Mitch and I reconnected musically about 7 years ago, and I always try to write with him in mind; leaving spaces for him to paint over. My feeling is that a Buddha Rats tune really isn’t finished unless it’s got a solo from Mitch on it.

I really like this tune. It’s called “Everything You Want Me To Be” and  Mitch is a badass (hence the name of the post). I remember I had the rhythm tracks lying around and after a couple of hours at the local pub, we got down to recording. I think he did 3 takes in under an hour and that was that.


Written, and recorded by The Buddha Rats®. Copyright 2007 Drew Gold. World Rights Reserved. Use without permission is theft and leads to physical & financial pain, so make sure you ask first.

The Buddha Rats® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.


2 Responses to “Mitch is a badass guitar player”

  1. kamenliter Says:

    Great tune, man! love it.

  2. Cheers, man! Thanks for stopping by and listening. I posted another tune earlier this evening that Mitch also plays on. Here’s the link:

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