I’m Not Lazy and the Martin HD28V Acoustic Guitar

I own this guitar. It’s fantastic. I “A/B’d” it against Taylors, Martins, Gibsons (shoddy workmanship on their acoustics, btw), and even the Masterbuilt Epi’s. Nothing sounds as beautiful as this guitar- not even more expensive Martins. It’s also very easy to play, due to the V-neck.

There are no fancy appointments, no fancy woodgrains, or outrageous mother of pearl details: It’s just a really well made acoustic guitar.

I can’t say enough great things about it. Sit down and play one. You won’t be disappointed. I was so impressed that I bought the floor sample over a year ago (small dings and all) because it was simply the best sounding acoustic guitar I had ever played.

I took it home, and here’s what I wrote with it:

“I’m Not Lazy”

Written, and recorded by The Buddha Rats®. Copyright 2008 Drew Gold. World Rights Reserved. Use without permission is theft and leads to physical & financial pain, so make sure you ask first.

The Buddha Rats® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.



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