I’m Free

I had these two song snippets lying around, and I decided to take a chance and combine them using one as an intro.

“I’m Free” was recorded using Acid Pro 5. Or was it 6?… I remember the weird vocal effect was created by varying the pitch and speed during each overdub. The drum track is actually me just pounding my fists on a metal table with a little reverb thrown on top. I put the Epi Casino through a Pod amp sim and went directly into the soundcard (an old Seasound Soloist card). The acoustic guitar track was played on a old 1958 Goya M22 that I used to have.

Mitch thought this track would be put to perfect use in a Volkswagon commercial. I wouldn’t say no to that deal…



I’m Free

Written, and recorded by The Buddha Rats®. Copyright 2007 Drew Gold. World Rights Reserved. Use without permission is theft and leads to physical & financial pain, so make sure you ask first.

The Buddha Rats® is the property of Andrew Gold. Reg. USPTO.


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