Studio Devil Amp Sim

I posted this on Rekkerd’s site, but when there’s a great piece of gear out there, it’s important to give as much light to it as possible.

Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro is fantastic. I’ve been using Amplitube2 and JH Amplitube for over a year now and I just switched over to Studio Devil, and I’m not going back (sorry IK Multimedia).

Studio Devil:

  1. Sounds so damn good on both my solid body and hollow-body guitars.
  2. It’s light on my CPU.
  3. Hasn’t crashed yet (I can’t say the same for Amplitube which hangs and sputters sometimes).
  4. All of the functions and effects are easily reached from within the one main window except the tuner.

The bundled FX aren’t bad, and they are easily made better with simple tweaks using the available EQ’s. The Modern-distorted Metal presets sound realistic and are just as unmusical & noisy as the music they are modeled for. Even Amplitube’s Metal patches suck because there’s nothing subtle about them. There’s simply too much compression, gain and drive.

But the best thing about Studio Devil is that it’s IR cabinets can be swapped out for higher quality Impulses (and that’s a beautiful thing!). I immediately bit the bullet and purchased Recabinet 2.0, which are high quality IR’s of modern and vintage cabinets recorded multiple times using different mics and placements. If you are thinking about using Studio Devil, do yourself a favor and spend the extra $15 and buy Recabinet! You won’t be disappointed.

Overall, Studio Devil is a fine product, that sounds great and won’t kill your wallet. It’s a great alternative to the big boys, is easy to use and easy to upgrade.

I highly recommend it.

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