Rant Of The Day: Learn To Play

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Learn to play. Music has got nothing to do with mic placement, or an over-priced $2500 Epiphone guitar from China, or a $3K mic. “Louie Louie” sounds like shit (and so does Surfing Bird), but it’s got heart and it was done live with one mic probably in one take. If you’re young and haven’t heard it, Google it.

People: Learn your craft. If you aren’t, then all you are doing is contributing to everything that is wrong with modern day music. Stop time-shifting everything to death and learn to play those damn drums. Forget about Autotune and learn how to fu*king sing on time and in key.

Music should be played. It doesn’t matter if you are using vsti’s- play the damn thing like it was a real instrument. If you are one of “those” people who are step-sequencing everything then guess what? You’re not a musician, you’re a programmer.

And you’re fired.

Life Is Good

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Spent all day Saturday with some very close friends and a bunch of wickedly talented musicians. Partied responsibly, played all night and#lifeisgood.

Memorial Day

Posted in Commentary on May 24, 2014 by The Buddha Rats

Here is to all of our brave men and women who sacrificed everything to make sure we are all safe and free. God bless you all and thank you!

I just want to to say something special to all the Mother’s in the world. Is that possible?

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Caribbean, Parisian, Bolivian, Namibian, Eastern Indochinian, Republic of Dominican, Amphibian, Presbyterian, Outta sight, Late night, Hard workin’ ladies, Erudite, Brainy ladies and all you Hermaphrodite Lady-man-ladies. This is your day!



Dave Grohl Owes Me (AKA Nickelback Sucks Ass)

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Facebook. A wonderland of meme’s, old friends and political ramblings.

I was reading a collection of meme’s/quotes and stumbled across Dave Grohl’s  jab at a Canadian band called Nickelback. They came to fame in the 90’s. I should have heard of this band, but was thankfully spared for over almost 20 years until Dave Grohl opened his trap. Based on Dave’s funny quote about “hearing the devil when you play any Nickelback song backwards” and things being worse when you “play them forward because you just hear Nickelback” I decided to take a chance and check them out on YouTube. I figured how bad could they be?

How bad? Really. Fuc**ng. Bad. I got through 23 seconds of something titled Rockstar. It sucked ausing my right ear to bleed. The douchebag singer sounded like he hadn’t taken a shit since 1987. The lyrics were beyond abysmal and most likely plagiarized from a Canadian Jr. HS student’s lost notebook. I also learned from a coworker that the a-hole singer married Avril Lavine. Misery must love company.

Are the only Canadian musicians worth a damn Neil Young and the guys from The Band? Why hasn’t anyone repossessed Nickelback’s instruments or, better yet, shot them all dead in the street like they would have done in the Old West? Questions, questions…

Now back to Dave Grohl,. This guy is awesome, but with great power comes great responsibility and Dave owes me. He owes me Big Time, because I can never get my pre-Nickelback life back. The only way Dave could possibly make things right is by covering this Buddha Rats song which has, and always will, kick ass and could possibly kick even harder if the Foo fighters would cover it:

Happy Sunday. F**k Nickelback. God bless Donald Duck, vaudeville and variety.






V-Drums TD-11KV

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I purchased a TD-11KV. It’s a good kit to get for apartment dwellers (it’s super quiet) and for tracking with vst’s (I would never gig with this kit or any e-kit… you want the real deal for that). I’ve been able to get a good response using the V-Drums with AD, Kontakt and EZ Drummer. I will post my settings below for those in need of help getting a decent feel from the pads.

These Sensitivity and Threshold settings worked well when triggering the Roland TD-11 KV kits:

Kick: 7, 3
Snare: 4, 4
Hats: 9, 5
Toms: 5, 2
Crash A: 6, 3
Ride: 6, 3
Crash B (Alesis Pad): 7,3

Settings for the Drumdrops Premier kit and Analogue Drums Monotown kit in Kontakt:

Kick: 4, 3
Snare: 4, 4
Hats: 6, 5
Toms: 4, 2
Crash A & B: 6,2
Ride: 6, 2

I got really fine results with EZ Drummer and Addictive Drums using these settings:

Kick: 7, 3
Snare: 7, 4
Hats: 14, 5
Toms: 8, 2
Crash A & B: 12,2
Ride: 12, 2

Happy playing,


Johanna Samuels – Debut Album: “DOUBLE BIND”

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A good musician-friend of mine, Johanna, wrote and recorded her first full-length album with her band and she is raising money to release and distribute it.

If you feel like helping out a fellow musician (and everyone who makes music should at least once) check out her Kickstarter page here.


David Bowie Moonage Daydream (Vox and Lead)

Posted in Music with tags , on February 27, 2014 by The Buddha Rats

I heard that most of the lead vox on this album were done in one or two takes.


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